omg, my kids will be as cute as they

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Neymar and Davi Lucca

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they are charming

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IG Adria Vilanova: What I would give to relive a moment. Happy Birthday Papa, I love you! 46 


Valeria Iniesta Ortiz

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Today, Tito would celebrate his 46th birthday...
Happy birthday to the heaven
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Andrés Iniesta

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Dylan Montoya

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Suárez watching the game with his family.

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Dylan, Kai and Vera Valdes ♥‿♥

Luis and Delfina Suarez watching Barça/Athletic Bilbao from the stands

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Shakira: "Gerard is amazing father! He plays football with Milan… They’re just happy together."

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Thiago & Lia or Mr & Ms Serious.

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Os dejo una foto de la Torre Eiffel desde mi habitación. Partido importante mañana de la ante Francia!

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