FC Barcelona 2014/2015
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aww, just look at it 

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the country, whose players are playing in FC Barcelona, 2014-15 season

Happy birthday, Munir! :)

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goodbay, summer ;(


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Messi winning the FIFA World Youth Championship, Netherlands 2005

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"hey, Milan!"

"you will have a younger brother or sister"

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@antoroccuzzo88: Mi vida❤️

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Hey guys! Today I reached 1000 followers so I wanted to thank you for following me and I decided to make my first follow forever. (If somebody doesn’t recognize me, I am/was leomessimylife.)

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I hope I didn’t forget someone. If I did, I’m sorry.

ohh, thank you, dear! it makes me happy <3

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr + Thiago Messi


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