First goal of B.Krkic with Stoke - F.C Schalke 04 vs Stoke City FC

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Cesc on Instagram

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Аноним: yourblog/post/92739454617 thiago looks exactly like leo. no dna test needed haha

hahah it’s true, he’s a little chubby Leo)

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Аноним: Do you have this picture of Thiago that says "I'll eat your happiness and thiago : you'll starve"?



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Milan Pique & smilies

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Andres Iniesta: “Luis Enrique was the first player of the main team, with whom I met. When I was summoned to training with the first team, I didn’t know where the locker room. And he’s the first person, who was near. He drove me around in his car to the locker room. This little story had a great influence on our relations. We became real friends. I am glad that he came to the Barca, and I am sure, we will have a good season”

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Thiago Messi & smilies

it’s insanely cute

Michael Jackson’s father Joseph Jackson celebrated his 86th birthday by visiting Camp Nou

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FC Barcelona - FC Porto, 4-4

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